7+ Cheerful Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Decor Projects You Will Adore

Are you looking to get your house all prettied up with the best Valentine’s Day decor? Here are some beautiful farmhouse decor projects for Valentine which make you adore so much at the first sight. Keep reading to be inspired!

valentine's day decor

Winter is cold but roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you. When Christmas decor is all taken down and winter is almost over, it’s time for heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals and candy hearts. Valentine is coming and it’s such a fun day to decorate for. What’s better than doing a bit to celebrate a day dedicated to LOVE? This day is a special occasion which can break the remaining coldness of wintertime. And decorating makes the day extra special!

Nothing like a fresh set of farmhouse-inspired decoration items to cheer the love in your hustle and bustle lifetime at work after a long holiday. Let’s dive into it and look for some ways to renovate your home during this precious time. (If you prefer winter look for your farmhouse after Christmas, read our blog here)

1. Decorate With Farmhouse Valentine’s Wreaths

A wreath is always a perfect item to amp up farmhouse accents and adds seasonal color for any home, on any occasion. This Valentine, try to do a DIY project to create your wreath with the materials you have in your craft room. They are not only simple to make but also inexpensive. You can also utilize Christmas or winter ornaments to decorate for your Valentine’s wreath.

valentine's day decor

From traditional wreaths that use gorgeous dried roses and burlap to grapevines wreaths intertwined with baby flowers, we simply have a decorative farmhouse item for February 14. These wreaths are perfect to hang above your stove, on the pantry or laundry room too.

valentine's day decor

Or if you prefer time-saving items, go to Etsy with thousands of beautiful choices and support local small stores. These are all hand-made, unique and can be customized based on your need. Burlap, gingham or checked patterns will become the highlight element to bring farmhouse charm to your home.

2. Decorate With Pink Or Red Farm Fruits And Flowers

Decorating for Valentine’s Day with farm fruits and flowers is an amazing way to create the sweetness and romantic atmosphere to the dining room. Keep in mind that it’s February 14 so you need to add something pink or red. Apples, strawberries or grapes are perfect! They are not only matchy with Valentine themes but also functional. Who doesn’t love some edible decor?

valentine's day decor

Flowers are traditional and must-have elements for Valentine’s decor. However, it’s even better if you find some farm flowers. Because farmhouse style isn’t fussy or fancy, small flowers and leaves in galvanized metal vases is a great idea. Take a look at these flower arrangements. They look simple, but that’s why they are extra appealing. You can get a small blooming plant with a red checked bow if you want fresh flowers but also want something that is longer lasting than a bouquet.

valentine's day decor

Once again, you just need to prepare your farmhouse dining room for February 14 by some fresh fruits and flowers in a warm color palette. Put them all in a rustic tray and draw some love tags by old vintage paper with red heart-shape decor. Set up the table by a country pattern tablecloth and guess how many comments you get from visitors.

valentine's day decor

3. Decorate With Pretty Farmhouse Style Valentine’s Wall Art

Because Valentine’s Day is an occasion for you to celebrate love, friendship and admiration, people usually send heartwarming messages to their partners, family and friends. And what is better than showing it off by some wall decor items?

Valentine wall art is such an easy way to add a seasonal accent and flair to your home. Fill your blank wall space with some artworks to add some colors and welcoming elements to your living room. Or if you want it more special and personal, try to hang a big custom one above your headboard to treasure your memories.

valentine's day decor

At Hayooo, we are passionate about farmhouse style and would like to appreciate the love as well. Therefore, we can’t miss the chance to create hundreds of couple and family canvases in farmhouse style. Check the link here and explore our Valentine’s wall art to create the best unique or custom one for you, for your home and your loved ones.

valentine's day decor

4. Decorate With Candles

Candles are such wonderful pieces for farmhouse decoration all year round. You can get some seasonal accents by using rose-scented ones; that’s really Valentine’s-ish, isn’t it? Or it can incorporate well with other ornament items such as a table tray or garland to add a warm glow and celebrate the season.

For February 14 farmhouse decor, candles are irreplaceable. Besides reminding us about a simpler period when light from candles is all the things we have to brighten our home, they can effortlessly create a romantic, cozy and full of love space.

valentine's day decor

While candles are simple to achieve elegant beauty, you can put it in vintage holders to amp up more country accents to your home. Then, decorate them with hand-made wooden hearts and flower petals and enjoy your Valentine’s flair in your farmhouse.

5. Decorate With Valentine’s Day Garlands

Aren’t these little garlands just too cute to handle? You can display them anywhere in your home and they can be used to decorate all year round too. Hanging it over the door, over the fireplace or in the back yard so that you can pleasantly surprise your better half.

valentine's day decor

If you want it to be more crafty or special, consider making a different fabric piece with a little love note at the center of each one. Or if you want it to have some country accents, try using burlap material like your wreaths. Nothing is more farmhouse-ish than burlap! No matter the design you choose for your Valentine garland, it’s a great way to add a pop of color to your farmhouse decor during this special occasion.

6. Decorate With Valentine’s Day Patterns

Farmhouse style lends itself really well to Valentine’s Day decoration. All of the farmhouse items are possible to transform to February 14 decor only by some small changes, from the pillow in the living room to tablecloth and the towels in the dining room. And guess what we can do? Change all of their patterns into heart shapes, arrow shapes or other romantic ones. Let’s see some interesting designs below!

There is no denying that changing pillow cover is an effective and inexpensive way to renovate your farmhouse decor and other style homes as well. And it’s fun when we switch things up a bit, right? These cute and adorable pillow covers will make your heart skip a bit and they are great for decor during Valentine’s time.

valentine's day decor

Who doesn’t love the look of a classic red checkered heart fabric as a tablecloth? It’s a perfect thing you can take from a decoration store and display on your dining table. Then, buy some napkins with the same theme (red heart or arrow patterns) and you will definitely have the warmest, coziest dinner with your better half thanks to these lovable items.

Just like so many farmhouse items, seasonal towels are easy to change out! Besides, they are a wonderful way to add in some fun color. With Valentine’s Day patterns towels, they are perfect to be hung on the oven, or your sink and many more places in your home. You can buy these sweet items at local shops, but Walmart is a great place with a variety of choices.

7. Decorate With Wooden Ornaments

Another excellent farmhouse decorating idea for Valentine’s Day is making wooden ornaments, as rustic as possible to add some everlasting feeling. Natural wood is well-known in any farmhouse-inspired home from the old days. And this material will work well when you redecorate your home for the next Valentine’s Day for sure.

Try finding some weathered wooden blocks and paint it with seasonal colors such as white, pink or red. These gorgeous, vintage, distressed letter blocks can spell any word you want. Telling a story, engraving an anniversary date or simply writing your names are all great!

valentine's day decor

Or if you seek another amazing item, you can consider a romantic wooden love certificate. While paper certificates seem boring and outdated, wooden ones may surprise your partner and amp up your Valentine’s room decor.

And the last one, if you want something functional and heartwarming as well, you should put wooden boxes with small but significant symbols anywhere in your home. They may be used to plant a cluster of roses, contain soap and shampoo in your farmhouse bathroom or store your images and letters. There are so many ideas we can do with this romantic ornament.

valentine's day decor

Any farmhouse V-day projects you adore and want to give it a try? All of these decorating ideas are the perfect blend of something cute but profound, lovely but rustic. They will help you to dress up your farmhouse and create a romantic version for upcoming February 14.

Because Valentine’s Day is the occasion to celebrate affection and a bond between two people, let’s spend time saying heart-melting messages to our special ones and treasure every moment together.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

Thank you for visiting our blog today and consider it as an inspiration for your home decorating. We are working hard to create more interesting and useful contents about farmhouse decor and many more. Please stay tuned for our upcoming blogs. In the meantime, if you are keen on farmhouse design and want to create a perfect home for you and your loved ones, find something helpful in our blog list here.

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valentine's day decor

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