10 Awesome Bathroom Wall Art Ideas You’ll Never Go Wrong With

Have you ever thought of elevating your bathroom space, the most neglected space in your home, from the merely functional to the truly delightful? It is true that everyone seeks perfection. But for some reason, people only pay much attention to the bedroom and living room.

If you are in the same situation, we hope that after sifting through all these suggestions, you can have a whale of time whenever you’re in the bathroom. Here are our picks for the greatest bathroom wall art ideas to say goodbye to your boring-to-death walls. 

bathroom wall art ideas
Bathroom wall art ideas.


1. What to hang?

1.1. Go with your guts

If you bear no wall arts in your mind, choosing which one to put on your wall is the right thing to start. At this step, just hear me out: Listen to your heart. Don’t even bother with others’ opinions. The fact is you buy it for yourself, hang it on for yourself, live with it 24/7, not for those people, right? There is no need to splash the cash on what they want to impress them afterward.

bathroom wall art ideas
Be decisive with your choice – Image via Pinterest

1.2. Beauty at your fingertips

Tons and tons of bathroom wall art ideas are right here, on the internet. Scrolling down your Pinterest or looking at plenty of hashtags on Instagram may help widen your list. Some most searched hashtags you had better take note of are #bathroomwallart, #bathroomwalldecor, #bathroominspiration, and so on.

We also highly recommend visiting our site Hayooo so as not to miss out on a variety of high-quality bathroom wall arts. Many incredible artworks are waiting for you to discover. Enjoy!

1.3. Is there any room left on your bathroom wall art ideas?

Before adding new things into your room, make sure the wall is not full of bathroom accessories like cosmetics shelves, towel racks,… If you fancy a wall art so bad, try to prioritize which items to keep longer and which to say goodbye to.

The more the merrier. No, that’s not true in this situation. Your bathroom should look like everything is “living in harmony” with each other. Or else it may look like a storage room rather than a place to bathe and chill.

Bathroom wall art ideas
Let the wall stay organized – Image via SakhExpo.ru

1.4. Consider the vibe

In case you are in two minds whether you like this bathroom wall art or not, why don’t you ask if your room likes it or not first. I mean not only should the wall art be one of your favorites but also fit your bathroom vibe well. Viewing it as a whole is a must.

You cannot tell a dancer to wear an office uniform. Likewise, you probably don’t want to place modern artwork in your farmhouse bathroom. It just doesn’t make sense, does it? So let’s define your bathroom vibe before jumping to the final decision.

2. Where to hang?

Indicating the spot you can hang art in your bathroom will basically depend on the size of the room, as well as other factors like the light direction of the room (both natural and artificial), and the material of your wall surfaces. But we have a couple of recommendations in case you have no idea about the wall art position.

2.1. Facing towards the mirror

This is such a good idea since you can easily enjoy a glimpse of your favorite bathroom wall art thanks to the reflection in the mirror. That way when you are getting ready for a brand new day, you will be exposed to the positive vibe the wall art brings. Who else can refuse this feeling? But only wall art with no quotes can be seen completely in the rearview. Or else, the sentence may be flipped over and you can hardly read it in this way.

Bathroom wall art ideas
An ideal position to hang bathroom wall art – Image via Thecraftingnook

2.2. Above the bathtub

Everyone may feel bath time is the best moment of the day – when they immerse their souls into the comfort of water. What makes this even better is the appearance of a bathroom wall art at a vantage point seen from the bathtub. You can soak and chill while simultaneously enjoying the art. What a perfect view! But be careful, make sure to leave enough space between your artwork and tub to avoid any damage from splashing water.

bathroom wall art ideas
More bathroom wall art ideas on Hayooo

“Any time you have a tub separate from a shower—if you have wall space—you can create a nice moment.” 

2.3. Above the toilet

The mirror, the shelf, or the towel holders are unlikely to be placed above the toilet. So space here is often empty unlike other spots in the bathroom. As you take a look at your bathroom, there is always a sense of boredom over your loo, right? Then a bathroom wall art will act as a brilliant solution in this case. It helps to bridge the gap and keep the room flowing from wall to wall.

What’s more? Bathroom arts look great in pairs, so choosing a set of two either stacked or side-by-side even makes the space more intriguing.

bathroom wall art ideas
Bathroom wall art ideas say bye to the boring gap with this left wall art and right wall art from Hayooo


3. What to hang with?

3.1. Sprinkle your room a green vibe 

Getting some greenery in the bathroom is not only for the infinite pleasure to the eye but also for keeping the wall art intact throughout the time. Why so? As we all know the biggest enemy of wall art is humidity in the air, it is true that plants are considered to be the best dehumidifier you can use to get rid of bathroom mugginess. They are by far the superior choice over electrical appliances for sure.

Let your treasured plants handle the role to battle with moisture in the bathroom and protect your art in perfect condition. Here are some bathroom plants we suggest that freshen up the air.

Bathroom wall art ideas
Peace Lily – Image via beards&daisies
Bathroom wall art ideas
Spider Plant – Image via Bathfitterjersey
Bathroom wall art ideas
Snake Plant – Image via Florastore
Bathroom wall art ideas
Philodendron – Image via Braga Pavimenti

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3.2. Let your toiletries be Instagrammable

You may never think of transforming your unorganized shelves into trendy one. Now it’s time to make this come true. The shelves can be as simple as they can be. Perhaps just three pieces of wood and Abracadabra! The thing is making sure there isn’t too much on display or your bathroom will look like a frightful jumble. A couple of shampoo and conditioner bottles, toilet paper rolls are among good options to put on these shelves.

Bathroom wall art ideas
Minimalism is the key – Image via Mydomaine

3.3. Play with seasonal props

You may ask what on-earth seasonal props in the bathroom are. Imagine it’s summer and you have just received some straw hats as a gift from your grandma. Is it a good idea to hang it in your bathroom? Absolutely yes. If not, where will you put it? We’re talking about a win-win. Additionally, as time passes by, we can easily swap it with other props, almost anything you can think of. Go beyond your imagination.

Bathroom wall art ideas
Play with the seasonal vibe – Image via Architecturesideas

All these bathroom wall art ideas are just some of our recommendations. We hope our post may help you to deliberate over the intriguing bathroom wall. Go for it and you will thank us every time you look at those beautiful things.

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