12 Stunning Ideas For Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor has become one of the most popular trends these days. It’s easy to figure out the reason behind this phenomenon. That is because this will make the area in your house much cozier, warmer, and more inviting. So designing it in farmhouse style is a perfect choice for those who want to bring warmth and closeness to their home. But if you don’t know how to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got some mind-blowing ideas for you right here.

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor


1. Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor – Wall color 

It is clear that the wall is a significant impression when someone enters the room. A wall with a color scheme that matches the theme will instantly change the whole look of your room. The best way to obtain a farmhouse vibe is to utilize neutral paint colors.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor. Image via pinterest.com

Choose a soft beige, cream, or pastel color – it doesn’t have to be white all the time. Using a light color on the walls will establish the vintage farmhouse kitchen decor look.

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2. Vintage wallpaper

Vintage designs are all about elegance and tradition, so it’s no surprise that wallpaper still looks great in any room. Floral wallpaper is a good choice for you.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage wallpaper

It can add such a vintage touch to any rustic kitchen and brings a very sophisticated beauty, simple but not monotonous.

3. Vintage floor tiles

Not only wallcovering is one of the popular home decor trends, but a statement floor is also one of the vintage decor ideas that can help your kitchen design stand out. A common tile used in farmhouse style is wood. This will bring a sense of natural warmth and a rustic tone to your space.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage floor tiles. Image via fancyhomedecors.com

Other tiles can be patterned floor or lightweight porcelain tones. What a perfect addition to a vintage farmhouse kitchen decor. Depending on your style, you can choose the color and design you want.

4. Vintage artwork decor

Try to add some canvas wall art! so that the room looks more natural and warmer but no longer boring. The kitchen will become livelier and more colorful instead of monotonous and tedious like its original look with empty walls. Wall paintings provide a significant aesthetic impact without taking up a lot of space.

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor
Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor.
Kitchen canvas art
Kitchen canvas art. Click for more information about the product.

Moreover, it will enhance your room’s aesthetic value and present a rustic theme to your area. In kitchens, we spend most of the time making our most memorable memories, whether it’s a family reunion on Thanksgiving or helping mom prepare delicious hot meals for the family. Show our love for family and friends by cooking good meals. And hanging inspirational quote paintings can be the best way to remind and cherish this love every day.


5. Farmhouse sink

The sink is a must-have item in any kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring all the time. Although there are tons of statement-making sinks on offer, especially in the rustic design space, let’s make a statement with your vintage kitchen decor on your own. Farmhouse sinks are practical and efficient in the kitchen. However, they also provide some significant advantages to enhance your set to the next level and create a vintage look within your farmhouse kitchen. So allow it to become the center of attention in your kitchen.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Farmhouse sink. Image via signaturehardware.com

Farmhouse-style sinks are usually made of porcelain, metal, or wood covered with antique patterns. These sinks have a square-sided shape, placed on the kitchen table in a block. Besides, don’t forget to choose farmhouse kitchen faucets, especially popular in bronze, brushed silver, and matte black finishes. It will ensure that your sink area is fully coordinated in the country style.

6. Rustic kitchen island

A rustic kitchen island can assist in completing the aesthetic of your old farmhouse kitchen decor while also providing additional storage. With more drawers, cabinets, and surface area, the kitchen island will expand your existing cooking space. In addition, users often take advantage of the combined kitchen island as a dining table or bar.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Rustic kitchen island

With the surrounding area of the kitchen island, members in the house will be able to gather while cooking, preparing, eating, and chatting. Even when there are guests, there is no difference between the guest and the host.

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7. Farmhouse light

One of the defining characteristics of farmhouse design is that natural light always floods the room. The light may bring a fresh atmosphere and let people live closer to nature. In addition, you can use light to give your home a new look that brings a rustic theme to the room.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Farmhouse light

For example, simple glass pendants or other light fixtures that don’t take up much visual area will make the room appear larger and brighter. Besides, you can put a flower vase or small plant on the table to make it fresher and more beautiful.

8. Cabinet & open shelving

A popular way to increase storage space and decorate without taking up too much space in the room is to use wall shelves or cabinets. You can pick just one or even a set of both. It helps you arrange items such as cups, plates, pans,.. essential stuff in the kitchen for daily meals.

8.1. Farmhouse open shelves

A popular farmhouse kitchen storage option is open shelves. It creates the illusion of a bigger space and also contributes to the rustic farm style. You can put open shelves above the kitchen sink or on both sides of the stove, and all still look good together.

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor
Wood open shelves. Image via pinterest.com

At the same time, you also can decorate in harmony with nature and plants in lovely pots in the kitchen corner to create a feeling of relaxation and lightness. On the other hand, this also acts as a display of the

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Farmhouse open shelves

kitchen collection. In a sparsely designed area, it’s challenging evoking coziness. To that end, don’t hesitate to let some of your favorite kitchen items and collectibles be put in shelf space.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Farmhouse open shelves

Make a shelf, a place for putting essential things, and display your own collection. That can be your collection of teacups or flatwares for special occasions.

8.2 Closed cabinet 

Suppose you have a lot of stuff to keep but don’t want your kitchen to look too messy. Closed cabinets are absolutely a good choice for you. There are also many options of color and designs to choose from, depending on your style.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Closed cabinet. Image via pinterest.com

Simply, a traditional white kitchen cabinet is a good option.- It goes with any countertop, range hood, or stove. Paired with a white or wood countertop and white apron sink, you’ll have a stunning farm-style kitchen. Feel free to get creative! 

9. Rustic kitchen rack

People usually tend to skip small details. However, even a minor detail can produce surprising outcomes that you cannot predict. Every kitchen deserves a rack.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Rustic kitchen rack

In fact, every rustic-style kitchen deserves a mug rack that matches the overall vintage theme. It is a good idea to hang up some mug or your wet tower. This will make it easy to get them out when you need them.

10. Vintage rug 

A kitchen floor is commonplace for cooking oil, water flakes, and dirty garbage to stay on. This causes slippery, dirty wires to the floor and even damages the wooden floor.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage rug

A simple way to help you quickly solve this problem is to spread a kitchen carpet, then water and dirt will be retained on the mat and can be cleaned easily. In addition, kitchen rugs also increase the lovely vibe and lively feeling of your vintage farmhouse kitchen decor room.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage rug

11. Vintage kitchen gadgets

Rather than hiding your wooden spoons, spatulas, and other utensils, display them on the counter in a couple of attractive pitchers. You may also hang your cast iron pans on the wall as additional decoration.

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor
Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor.

All look good and suitable in your room. This not only frees up cabinet space for other goods while keeping what you need closest at hand, but it also provides a touch of antique kitchen decor. So hang up your pots and pans and keep your favorite spices on a bit of spice rack where they’ll be easy to reach.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Vintage kitchen gadgets

12. Add some greenery

Last but definitely not least, the kitchen space is extraordinary because it has a higher temperature than any other place in the house. In addition, there is also a slight smell of gas, smoke, and food smell. Therefore, decorating the kitchen with small plants is necessary because green plants are symbols of vibrant energy. 

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor
Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor.

Furthermore, it has the effect of deodorizing, enhancing fresh air with more oxygen, and helping to reduce fatigue in the cooking process. Just a tiny detail, but it makes your room look more natural and warmth will fill your room more than ever before. 

vintage farmhouse kitchen decor

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