7 Ways Help Today I Choose To Be Happy

“Today I Choose To Be Happy”

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. If every day you wake up with bored and tired status, let me share with you 7 ways that helped me choose to be happy today.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy


We have many problems in life

Our mood and sentiments are usually dependent on situations happening around us. We tend to blame others for our unhappiness, bad mood, or loss. We blame our parents as children. When we marry, we blame our partner, then we blame our youngsters. We always find reasons to blame some of the others.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy

However, these things drive them to be angry and go away from us, while you and I can always choose to be happy regardless of the situation. When you know you’ve got the power to choose what to accept and what to let go of, nothing can prevent you from being happy.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
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We can choose to be happy today

Can we change our attitude a touch to form it happier? We say “of course” for this.

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present.” – Jim Rohn

Not every day is a good day for you. It’s maybe on a beautiful sunny morning, you receive mission messages from your boss while it’s your day off.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
How would you react in this situation?

The message from him might make your day off incomplete and exhausting. Even, you’ll think all day long about the task and the things you have to do while feeling stressed. Every day, we go through many similar situations. Some cases are good, some are a bit unpleasant, and others disturbed you and sometimes, unbearable.

However, you need to make a choice.

You can choose to think about an unhappy event all day long. You may also try to refuse to think about it and specialize in other events that cause you to feel happy.

For example, ask your boss if the task he has assigned you is urgent, if so, ask more for a specific deadline for when in order that you can arrange work to be completed early. Otherwise, you can spend all your day off doing everything you have planned and leave that task to tomorrow. Don’t feel tired or upset as soon as you receive the message. You can complete quests and take a break on another day.

Another choice, you could deny finishing your boss’s task on the day off and tell him you would be done when you come back to work.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy

You can choose to free yourself from outer influences. Preferring happiness to unhappiness that makes you feel better each day. Hang a “Today I choose to be happy” picture in the living room and look at it every day to energize, for example.

Happiness is often the result of positive events, but actually, it comes from the inside and is influenced by external events. Therefore, it seems to be a fleeting and temporary mood, but once you learn to choose on and to permit happiness into your life, it gradually becomes more permanent.

7 ways to help you choose to be happy today

1. Think positively in every situation

As we said before, thinking about negativity and difficulties could drive you always be tired and stressed. Strive to change the way you look at things, concentrate more on the bright side of life. We believe artworks can help you be positive each day.

Today I Choose Joy
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2. Focus on finding solutions – Today I Choose To Be Happy

It is very difficult to solve problems if you always feel negative, unjust, and blamed on others. Instead of focusing on the problems and finding someone to blame, focus on solutions. You should calm and think more about the solutions, you can find them.

You have many ways to solve a problem. You don’t have to comply with one solution that makes you uncomfortable dealing with it, you can choose another that might be more complicated, but as long as it makes you feel good.

Today I Choose Joy
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3. Watch funny movies or films

Watch funny comedies that cause you to laugh, instead of thrillers and violent movies, especially before bedtime.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy

4. Reading more books

Every day,  spend the time to read at least a few pages from an inspiring or motivational book or article. You can choose a novel or short story which may give you some popular cases you might come across and the best ways to solve them.

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy

5. Hang some inspirational pictures in your space

We often start the day with the intention of completing several goals or tasks, but we do not have the motivation to finish them. It is better to hang some inspirational canvas on the workspace wall. When you set more goals and tasks, you can see them and boost your mood for a productive day.

Today I Choose Happy
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Focus on your goals and what you have already accomplished. This will awaken satisfaction, a sense of happiness, and motivation in yours.

6. Treat yourself well

It might be small things, eating a cake you like on a cheat day, or buying a favorite book on a boring day. Don’t forget to do exercise every day, such as yoga which could make you release stress and tiredness from your body and mind.

7. Seek the corporate of happy people

Happiness is contagious. If you’re within the company of happy people, there’s an excellent chance that you are going to be infected by their happiness, provided you don’t concentrate on unhappiness while in their company.

Happiness is a choice.

Today, I choose to be happy.

How about you? What are you choosing today?

Today I Choose To Be Happy
Today I Choose To Be Happy

Leave your message and share your story. Hayooo hopes we can heal each other.

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