Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

When it comes to farmhouse decoration, the first thing that springs to people’s minds is decorating their living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. This tends to lead to neglect of the bathroom, where many spend the first minute of their day. So maybe you should consider changing its look with a couple of farmhouse-style features to fit with the rest of the house or update its boring look. Whatever choice you make,  we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you make a farmhouse bathroom remodel that won’t break the bank.

farmhouse bathroom
Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel


Make a specific plan before transformation the farmhouse bathroom

1. Make a budget

Surely you would not want to spend too much money on a bathroom transformation, right? Before going forward with farmhouse bathroom remodel, please first set up a budget and schedule that outlines the exact work that has to be done for the project. It will save you time and money while also controlling the work’s development.

Farmhouse bathroom remodel
Make a budget.

2. Renovate the furniture

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the furniture in the bathroom. Should it be replaced or recreated? If you feel annoyed or don’t like it when using it, release furniture. Reducing the cost of maintaining your bathroom layout can help you save money. Special electrical and water setup may need professional advice, which may be costly.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse bathroom remodel

So as long as you have a clear idea of what you want, trying to stick with the current layout will help you make a farmhouse bathroom remodel on budget-friendly.

3. Color scheme

A wall with a color scheme that matches the theme will instantly change the whole look of your room. That’s why when redecorating, the most difficult decision is usually deciding on which color scheme to use. Dynamism, in particular, is enhanced by color.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse paint color

Fortunately, farmhouse designs make it a breeze! To capture the entire farmhouse vibe, white, neutral, and gray shades are trendy in most farmhouse designs.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation is vital in a humid room like a bathroom. Humidity Causes mold on the floor, wall surface, making the room quickly deteriorate and lose its beauty. That’s why a humid place like a bathroom needs good ventilation to help the room dry and deodorize.

Bathroom ventilation
Bathroom ventilation

Decide accessories for a farmhouse bathroom remodel

After you have come up with a great farmhouse design plan, your following step is deciding on the accessories for it. To many people, a nice bathroom is something everyone desires and it results from many factors, including the arrangement of the space, the design and layout of the artworks, tiles, equipment, and accessories, and more. So now, to give you all the information on the various farmhouse accessories, we’re taking you straight to the next, where you can find all you need to know about them.

1. Canvas artwork

Just a few beautiful farmhouse-style picture frames mounted on the wall will help your bathroom become livelier and more colorful. Instead of monotonous and tedious like its original look with empty walls.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom canvas art.

Besides, it can make space not only less boring but also bring a sense of artwork with a farmhouse theme. Imagine you take a hot bathtub after a hard-working day, especially in a farmhouse bathroom style with a warm and cozy space, looking at the canvas art with encouraging quotes in your bathroom. It will definitely make your day!

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom canvas art.
Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Hayooo bathroom wall art.


2. Rustic mirror

Buying a new rustic mirror is a great way to add farmhouse style to your bathroom, but it can get a little bit pricey.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Rustic mirror. Image via

But, if you think that your old mirror can still be utilized, then it may be worth experimenting with something new on your current mirror. By surrounding the existing mirror with a wood frame, you will make your bathroom have a more farmhouse theme. 

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse mirror. Image via

3. Rustic lighting 

In farmhouse style, nature exposure and openness are top priorities.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Rustic lighting

But if you can not have enough natural light, then rustic lighting should be used to give your space a new farm-themed look to your rustic bathroom. Not just for lighting but also for bringing parts of the outside things into your area.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Rustic lighting

4. Rustic floor

The main feature of farmhouse style is rustic, simple but still brings a warm and homey look to space. To create a pleasing effect as you desire, we recommend using wooden floor tiles.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Rustic floor. Image via

This will give you a feeling of natural warmth and a rustic tone to your farmhouse bathroom. Other types of tiles can be patterned floor tiles or light porcelain tiles. It’s a perfect addition to a farmhouse bathroom remodel. Depending on the style as well as the main color, you can choose between light and dark brick colors accordingly.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Vintage tiles. Image via

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5. Bathtub 

If the bathtub is not damaged at all, you should reuse it. Instead, cleaning can be a better option. Adding bronze claw feet or some farmhouse paint to the bathtub would create a more farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Bathtub. Image via

If your bathtub has many big cracks or leaks, you should definitely change bathtubs. Then a secondhand shop is a good option where you can buy a rustic bathtub at an affordable price.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

6. Replace fittings 

If your bathroom fixtures, such as taps and showerheads, are showing worse signs than before, it may be time to replace them. They aren’t really noticeable until you switch them out and realize you’ve been using that filthy showerhead for far too long.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Replace showerheads

Black fixtures are really popular right now, and there are many economical options available. On the other hand, bronze or copper fixtures are similarly stylish but have a slightly warmer look. They are all good ideas for a leveled-up farmhouse bathroom look. 

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Replace showerheads. Image via

7. Rustic Cabinet

Even though the bathroom is usually not very large, it still needs room to store a few essentials. However, buying and installing new bathroom cabinets will be pretty expensive.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse cabinet. Image via

An easier and cheaper way is to refurbish the closet with small details such as replacing the hinges, locks, and handles in metal or repainting with new wood color.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Rustic cabinet

It will upgrade your cabinets and bring a rustic style suitable for a farmhouse bathroom to remodel on a budget.

8. Glass Canisters 

Cabinets and shelves located in the bathroom are often crowded with all of the many things you need on a daily basis. But if you want the feel of a farmhouse, all you need is glass canisters.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Glass canister set. Image via

They have various sizes to store different items such as cotton balls and swabs, toothbrushes, etc, and transparency which can help you find what you’re looking for easier.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Glass canisters

9. Woven baskets

 Instead of using a plastic bin to keep extra clothes or laundry, you can use a woven basket.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Woven baskets. Image via

The aesthetic of a woven basket is rustic beauty, natural, environmentally friendly, which is absolutely ideal for a farmhouse theme bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Woven basket

10. Add greenery

You can add some small plants that both act as decorations and air purifiers to ventilate the bathroom. Natural green color will bring a new breath to the toilet space and give us the feeling of getting closer to nature.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse bathroom. Image via

A planter overflowing with flowers or plants is a piece that makes any bathroom fresher and more attractive.  Just remember to choose plants or flowers matching with your bathroom where there is very high humidity, little natural light, and not much wind and ventilation.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Farmhouse bathroom

Therefore, green plants grown in this environment must have suitable growing conditions with the above requirements.

11. Deodorant solution

Would you rather have a restroom that is smelly or musty? There is a wonderful option for you if you are concerned about smell.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Fragrance oil. Image via

These days, there are many product options on the market that are both financially-saving and bathroom-decorating, such as scented candles, fragrance oil, or essential oil diffusers. These items will improve the fragrance and feel of your bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom candle

We hope the inspirational decorating ideas here will help you to complete your amazing farmhouse bathroom remodel at an affordable price. If you are interested in this topic, don’t forget to follow us to update more information about farmhouse decorating ideas. 

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