How To Easily Transition Your Fall Decor To Vintage Christmas Decor?

Fall is absolutely one of the most beautiful seasons, but Christmas is, hands down, the best holiday. And people love decorating all of them! However, going from fall and into winter we have to cover so many holidays. That’s why it’s hard to redecorate for them all.

But it’s even harder to transition smoothly between the seasons. So in this blog post, we want to recommend some useful tips and ideas for transitioning your fall to vintage Christmas decor. Let’s get this party started, mate!

Vintage Christmas Decor
Vintage Christmas Decor


1. When Should You Start Holiday Decorating?

As a general rule of thumb, you should put up your holiday decor or change out your seasonal decorations with enough time to enjoy them before the next holiday begins, but not leave them up for so long that they become tired and overdone. Here is our general holiday decorating schedule:

vintage christmas decor
Holiday decorating schedule

It’s just a consultative schedule. So if you just can’t wait for the holidays, taking out your decorations a little earlier is not a big deal. No one’s going to call the holiday police on you, probably no one will care one bit.

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Better Homes & Gardens

2. 3 Easy Tips Before Transitioning To Christmas Decorations

There are thousands of ways to transition your home from fall to vintage Christmas decor. Before we introduce some intriguing ideas, you need to keep your eyes on these 3 easy tips first. They work in every room of the house, and they are super simple to follow. 

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Unsplash

It’s kind of like a math formula, except it’s for your house. Why so? Because you just need to plug the formula in, then fill in the blanks with your own things, and voilà… Problem solved!

  • TIP #1: A color scheme that you can work with for both seasons is a smart way to start with. For example, in your living room, you choose to use a blue and white color theme. As the season goes away, you switch out the pops of orange with pops of red, green, and turquoise without changing the main theme. 
vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via The Tarnished Jewel Blog
  • TIP #2: Keep big decorative pieces the same and just let go of the smaller accent items, in order to keep decorations to a minimum.
  • TIP #3: Discover new ways to use old decorations from fall, you can alter them a little bit to fit the new holiday theme.   

3. How To Transition From Fall To Vintage Christmas Decor?

3.1 Specifically fall things must go down

The first to-do thing on the list is to pull up anything that’s specifically falling. OK, but what’s that? This could be orange leaves, a sign that says “THANKFUL” or anything like that. You should let go of pumpkins, especially orange ones, while mini white pumpkins or gourds can linger a little longer. 

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Martha Stewart

3.2 Farmhouse artwork smooths the transition

Choosing a piece of farmhouse wall art to hang doesn’t require a lot of effort like decorating other seasonal items. But it really adds more holiday flair to the overall look. 

vintage christmas decor
Get this Christmas wall art now!

To smooth the transition, you just need to stick to the artwork theme and match it with the current season. You can go from a faux window with fall scene wall art, moving on to Truck, Barn & Dog wall art (featuring some lovely pumpkins) and then “All hearts come home for Christmas” wall art.

Here is Product #1, Product #2 and Product #3 info, respectively.

vintage christmas decor
Enjoy this artwork transition at your home, Hayooo will help

Here are some more artwork options to transition between the seasons you should take into consideration. Hayooo is promoting their newest Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas collections. Let’s be the first to grab these masterpieces and personalize them in your own way to celebrate this year’s holidays.

“Pickups & my dogs” option: Product #1Product #2 Product #3

“Dreamy mood” option: Product #1Product #2Product #3

vintage christmas decor
This Christmas canvas looks festive in the living room

“Peace & God” option: Product #1Product #2Product #3

Unleash your creativity and create your own option at Hayooo

3.3 Add in some more winter

Some people often switch over to Christmas elements. But that’s not a good way to transition the decor. Let’s begin adding in some more winter, not Christmas, items. Winter things are more white, silver, gold, emerald green. 

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via The Spruce

And remember to hold off on red. There’s no need to rush. Then just repeat this every week, pulling out something a bit more fall and replacing it with seasonal decor for winter.

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Curated Interior

When Christmas is drawing nearer, put up the red and the glitter. Taking this one step will immediately transform your space! We all know nothing says Christmas more than red and glitter.

3.4 Transition the wreath

For many people, decorating always starts and ends at the front door. So updating your wreath is an easy way to transition from fall to Christmas without completely rearranging your entire space. 

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via A Blissful Nest

You should take down your fall wreath and add more of a winter wreath to the front door. And remember the same rule: “More winter, less Christmas”.

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Thistlewood Farms

We recommend getting a low-cost wreath and wire it in fresh magnolia. The cold weather helps keep the magnolia fresh for several weeks. And then? When Christmas comes to town, you can replace it with an evergreen wreath.

3.5 Lanterns are the best transitional pieces

In fall, you can start off by putting orange pumpkins or gourds into the lanterns. And around the first week of November, you phase out the pumpkins just to get everything ready for the winter. It would be perfect to tie on a white bow with a sprig of greenery. After that, display candles inside the lanterns to bring the Christmas vibe.

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Thistlewood Farms

3.6 General display needs small changes

Sometimes the transition is all about changing out a few pieces. Let’s take this hutch from fall to Christmas as an example. The white plates are the same. Showcase a couple of pumpkins for fall. Then transitioning into Christmas, the pumpkins are taken away and a few trees are added. Then in December the trees are ready to mingle with reindeer.

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Thistlewood Farms

3.7 Blend the pillows

With pillows, all you need to do is add a cozy texture for the cooler months as the season changes. However, it’s unnecessary to replace the pillows with brand new ones. Sometimes a perfect transition is how you blend the old with the new. Let’s take a look at an example below!

vintage christmas decor
Vintage Christmas decor – Image via Rooms For Rent Blog

So that’s what we want to share with you in today’s blog post. If you want us to write more about Holidays decor ideas, just leave a comment below. And don’t forget to enter your name and email in the “ Join our VIP list” box to access our special excluded offers.  

vintage christmas decor
Christmas Decor

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