5 Surprising Reasons Why People Love Flowers And Floral Wall Art

Flowers are an amazing gift that nature has given us. And we love giving flowers. We tend to give flowers to our loved ones as a sign of celebration, admiration, and love on many occasions such as birthdays, wedding days, graduation days, etc. So, you might think it is so obvious, why do we have to answer this ridiculous question? The reason is that they are beautiful, colorful and they have a good smell, duh!!?

Actually, there are more reasons than just their shape, color, and their smell.  Today, let’s crack this question up with us and check out some of our best floral wall art!

Flowers And Floral Wall Art
Flowers And Floral Wall Art


1. Flowers Really Create Genuine Happiness. So Do Farmhouse Floral Wall Art.

You know the smile when you’re upset and just try to pretend that everything is fine and normal, right? Or do you remember the “fake” smile when you’re trying to be polite though you don’t like something or when your photo is taken and you’re not happy? They are actually very different from our honest smiles.

Scientists refer to our “authentic” smile as a term called “Duchenne smile” and it involves unconscious reflexes which means they happen in a spontaneous way, not intentionally. A Duchenne smile can be discovered by 2 specific facial muscles: the zygomaticus major muscle around the cheeks turns the corners of the mouth up while the orbicularis oculi muscle contracts around the eyes which leads to what people often called “crow’s feet”.

floral wall art
Image via elemental.medium.com

Research shows that almost everyone receives a flower with a Duchenne smile. Interestingly, the result is universal for both men and women. The study shows that besides genuine smiles, people who are given flowers have a tendency to become more friendly and active to the givers.

floral wall art
Image via lasestrellas.tv

That’s why we love flowers so much and we believe that floral wall art can give the recipients genuine happiness as well. So, if you are a fan of flowers then you definitely shouldn’t miss our farmhouse flower canvas collection. Here at our store, we have hundreds of beautiful floral canvas designs that you can purchase from.

floral wall art
Image via hayooo.com

Check out our beautiful sunflower canvas collection here.

2. Flowers Reduce Stress And Anxiety.

The spread of the pleasant fragrance of flowers in the air can actually lift up our mood. Plus, their colors can make space seem less intense and make you feel more relaxed and calm.

In addition, plants can create fresh oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in one space. So, if you place a flowering plant in your house or your workspace, it would give you fresh air which results in reducing the stress level and give you a positive feeling.

floral wall art
Image via floristique.sg

3. Flower and Floral Wall Art Is a Perfect Gift Option.

Flowers bring happiness to people so it is an ideal gift for your loved ones on their special occasions to instantly change their mood in a better way. Flowers are perfect for all occasions and people love to receive flowers as a gift.

You can combine flowers with any other gift such as a teddy bear, a dress, chocolate, a cake, a wine bottle, etc. and it would make that gift even more special.

floral wall art
Image via lynns17.com.my

You can consider sending to your loved ones this combo of a bouquet of flowers and one of our stunning wall art in the farmhouse flower canvas collection. Trust us, your recipients wouldn’t be disappointed!

farmhouse flower canvas collection
Click here for more details about this canvas print.

4. Flowers Have Endless Uses.

4.1. Flowers can be used in making medicine.

  • Lotus can help reduce high temperature, diarrhea, and bronchitis. The lotus seeds are used to boost the strength of the kidney, spleen, and heart. Plus, lotus roots are also helpful in blood pressure and blood sugar reduction.
floral wall art
Image via wallpapersafari.com
  • Chamomile is rich in antioxidants that help manage diabetes, strengthen digestion and reduce anxiety.
floral wall art
Image via gardeningknowhow.com
  • Lavender has a lovely and soothing scent so it is used in aromatherapy to help relieve people from stress, anxiety and various body aches. Lavender oil is also used in burn and wound treatment.
floral wall art
Image via chenatural.com

4.2. Flowers can be used as food.

Yes, we are telling the truth. You can eat flowers. Well, not all of the flowers are edible but many of them are. Some popular flowers that are being used in making food are dandelion, nasturtium, lavender, rose, hibiscus, pansy, daylily, etc.

floral wall art
Image via theguardian.com

Also, we use some flowers as vegetables too, such as artichoke, broccoli, and cauliflower.

floral wall art
Image via visualdictionaryonline.com

4.3. Flower is used for decoration.

This is an explicit purpose that we are all aware of, right? Flowers are used for decoration in so many aspects of life, from event decor, house decor to food and beverage decor. We literally use flowers in everything.

floral wall art
Image via flairprojectsb.com
floral wall art
Image via elledecor.com

Besides fresh flowers, you can try using floral wall art too, for an extra ravishing look for your house.

floral wall art
Image via hayooo.com

If you prefer more of a rustic look, you should check out our dandelion and pussy willow canvas collection.

5. Flowers Have a Variety of Different Shapes, Colors, and Sizes.

Not everybody has the same taste. And thank God, there are so many kinds of flowers in diverse shapes, colors, and sizes that each of us can choose a favorite kind from. They all have their unique appearance, shape, color, size, and even different meanings. This makes flowers more special than any other kind of plant. Plus, flowers range in a variety of prices so it is affordable for everyone.

So does our floral wall art. Here at Hayooo.com, we also have a farmhouse flower canvas collection in various colors, sizes, and prices that you can choose.

floral wall art
Image via hayooo.com
floral wall art
Image via pinterest.com

We hope that you find these facts interesting. Which reason do you think is most surprising to you? Please let us know in the comment section. Also, if you find this blog post useful, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends by clicking those social media buttons below! See ya!

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