20+ Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art You’ll Love In 2022

If you adore farmhouse style and are looking for a couple of artworks for your home, these are some perfect farmhouse wall art suggestions from Hayooo store.

Scrolling Pinterest or Instagram, it doesn’t take you a long time to catch a few antique signs, vintage floral prints, or farm animal canvases when you search for farmhouse decorating ideas; right? Farmhouse style has become a decor trend recently.

While painted color walls, furniture, and other farmhouse decor items can add up and quickly contribute to the cluster look, hanging artwork is a great idea to bring more sense of serenity and comfort to your home decor. Our gorgeous farmhouse canvas wall art ideas will help you to make your home feel cozy, collected and embrace a rustic atmosphere that harks back to times gone by.

Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art
Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art

We have been creating a great number of farmhouse canvas art, and today, we finally select and have a blog to introduce to you our 20+ favorite ones. We hope you will enjoy these artworks as much as we enjoyed making them. Are you ready? Come and explore!


1. Church Wall Art

There is something timeless and sacred in any church image that creates worship appeals to everyone, even those who don’t frequently participate in church services. Churches remind us about faith and reflect traditions as well as our cultures that make anyone who steps to have the feeling of safety and peace.

Therefore, having some church’s canvas art in your home decor can remind you about loyalty, hope, and belief that you hold dear. These amazing church canvases are perfect to decorate above your mantel or in the center of your rustic farmhouse living room. Their neutral color palettes and a little dark red are sure to complement any rustic color scheme.

2. Farm Life Canvas Collection

Who said that only farmers love country cottage wall hangings? Any farmhouse owner can have some farm-life art too!

Living on a farm is always a dream for anyone who loves these picturesque and peaceful places. From cows to horses, from golden wheat fields to bumper, from blooming cherry branches to red barns and trucks… we can’t even take our eyes off this countryside beauty.

Canvases of endless fields that seem to remind you about simpler days, when our life was not so busy and complex. Decorating your house with these agricultural sceneries is a great way to amp up the charm for a farmhouse and adds a perfect touch of nature as well. We are excited to share with you our top 5 awesome farming-inspired wall art canvases.

3. Rustic Window Canvas

Looking for the ideal rustic faux window for your farmhouse? We have some excellent options here!

A windowless space may bring to us cramped feelings and make the room seem smaller than it is. Even when you add in a big chandelier and artificial lighting, it isn’t brighter considerably. So a faux window is great to make the room as cheerful and vivid as you want. Imitation window art is growing in popularity as a way to add light, depth, and style to any room where a real window can’t be the option.

You can find your favorite landscape scene with our weathered wooden window frame in this collection and hang it on any wall you wish to open up space and create an attractive look for your room.

Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art
Faux Window Canvas
Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art
Faux Window Canvas 1, Faux Window Canvas 2, Faux Window Canvas 3

4. Kitchen Farmhouse Art

Home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of our home, right?

The best farmhouse kitchen features a hardwood floor, weathered cabinet, vintage bowls and dishes… and especially – some impressive art. Wall decor in this room can help you to beautify the space, create complete and cohesive interiors with a designer-worthy finished look.

These vintage-inspired wall hanging will add the right amount of charm to the place where families gather and share. With hundreds of canvases to choose from, you can easily upgrade your own rustic farmhouse kitchen look with our gorgeous decorating items for the kitchen.

5. Farmhouse Wall Art For Bathroom

Who says the bathroom can’t be the most beautiful space in your farmhouse? Yes, it may be short on size, but it never lacks up decorating inspiration.

We can dress it up and make our family members, as well as the guests, reimagine this place. That’s why we have a bathroom canvas collection – where you can find the motivation to renovate or build up your home relaxing room with farmhouse wall decor signs and artworks. These fresh and on-budget items can help you add more charm to the bathroom and feel more excited when stepping into it.

However, keep in mind that you need to hang your art away from the humidity wall because water can cause the prints to fade faster even when we use the best material to create these products for your home.

Be sure to check out these posts for more inspiration and ideas:

6. Floral Artwork

Floral and botanical canvas art can completely add elegance to any room in your farmhouse. Decorating your space with sunflower, cotton, pussy willow, or dandelion pieces is a great way to make your home decor be more feminine and pop some bright colors.

Sunflower has been known as the symbol of steadfast loyalty, optimism, and good fortune; which brings to your farmhouse the brightness, positive vibes, and comfortable atmosphere.

Meanwhile, dandelion canvases are considered to add youthful joy and healing to homeowners’ souls. Besides these gorgeous flower art, you can also choose a pussy willow canvas, or cotton flower one, and many amazing floral artworks in our farmhouse collection for your home.

7. Farmhouse Custom Collection

Instead of choosing one of our awesome ready canvases, you can create your own masterpiece with Hayooo custom canvas prints to add more personal touch to your home decor. Why not?

You can easily transform your family photo or write your names on hundreds of fabulous farmhouse art frames we already create. This is a great way to give as a unique gift for your loved ones, show off your family images, treasure your memories or simply remark on a milestone in your life.

And what more? Our artists’ team adore farmhouse style so much and creates the most suitable art prints for your country-inspired home as well. Please don’t worry about how to hang these kinds of artwork without breaking your home theme. We have already covered it for you. So just enjoy the show here and choose the best one for your home!

Finally, we are very pleased to introduce you to our farmhouse wall art collection. With thousands of canvases to choose from, you can easily find out the most suitable one to beautify any space you wish. A few carefully selected pieces and accents can create a country house look and make your home more appealing. So take a try! If you are considering how to create a perfect farmhouse gallery wall, you can read our latest blog here. Moreover, we hope that you will have a great experience when visiting the farmhouse decor collection at our store here.

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Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art You'll Love In 2021
Hayooo Farmhouse Wall Art You’ll Love In 2021

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