10+ Amazing Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas in 2022

The living room is more than just a place to sit in your free time. It is surely the heart of every home, but decorating this space can sometimes feel monotonous. Have you ever wondered why you can’t quite master your living room furniture layout that meets all your needs, no matter how many times you’ve moved your sofa or arranged the room accessories?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a breakdown of amazing living room furniture layout ideas that are worth taking a peek at. In this post, we also guide you through some dos and don’ts in planning your layout, plus suggest a couple of living room decor and accessories.

living room furniture layout
Living room furniture layout


1. Dos And Don’ts In Planning Your Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas

  • Do think about the main furniture
  • Do plan seating for face-to-face conversations
  • Don’t block your focal point
  • Don’t forget to consider the room’s size

1.1 Do think about the main furniture

Entertainment centers and sectional sofas have the greatest impact on your living room furniture plans. Once these pieces have been selected, you have to be committed to your plan and slowly build up the entire furniture parts following the relevant styles.

living room furniture layout
Living room furniture layout – Image via Barron

“Let’s stick to the main furniture’s theme”

1.2 Do plan seating for face-to-face conversations

It is true that the primary purpose of a living room is to socialize with guests and whoever comes to your home sweet home. So to allow the space to perform its function as much as it can, you should keep seats no more than 8 feet apart. This will basically enhance the interaction experience in a significant way.

seating for face-to-face conversations
Living room furniture layout – Image via Em’s on the road

“Let’s take this in mind: Keep seats no more than 8 feet apart.”

1.3 Don’t block your focal point

In case you have a gallery wall as an interesting focal point in your living room, stay away from high back sofas or any big-sized furniture that can blot out that awesome salon wall.


living room decor
Living room furniture layout – Image via Tlc Interiors

“Minimizing visual obstructions is a must” 

1.4 Don’t forget to consider the room’s size

If your room is considered to be quite spacious, it is super ideal for big decorations to fill in large spaces. In much the same way, for a smaller living room, smaller furniture should be used to balance the overall look.

So our suggestion is to look for living room furniture ideas that complement the true size of the room.

consider the room’s size
An example of too big furniture – Image via Apartment

“The living room furniture size is in direct ratio to the the scale of the room”

2. Living Room Furniture Arrangements

2.1 Parallel conversation layout

This layout is all about arranging your living room in a symmetrical way and hence contributing to a better conversation experience. Let’s begin with two matching couches facing each other or a sofa facing two chairs.

Then, consider placing a coffee table between them and a stunning fireplace at the end of the furniture. The matching sofas are strongly believed to be ideal for narrow living rooms because they naturally divide the space.

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Parallel conversation layout
Living room layout – Image via Decor X Pro

“Having symmetry in a smaller space will create balance and allow the space to not feel cluttered.”

2.2 L-shaped entertainment layout

For this option, the living room sofa set, facing the TV or the firestone, is placed in a way that one is perpendicular to the other. If your space is not that cramped, bringing two armchairs to the fourth corner of the L-shaped sofa is highly recommended.

Why so? Because this will complete that natural rectangular shape of the sofa while allowing you to easily move through your living room.

L-shaped layout
Living room layout – Image via Rosina Wright

“This living room layout can facilitate a useful transition between watching TV and having intimate conversation.”

2.3 Different sections utilization layout

Oftentimes, taking advantage of some special sections in your living room for different uses sounds intriguing. In case there is a cozy nook or a creative cutout in your space, these spots should be designated as an area for reading or taking a quick nap.

Living room nook
Living room layout – Image via Pinterest

“Nooks can be used to showcase favorite artwork, collectibles, photos and even other exciting things.”

2.4 Kid-friendly living room layout

In this layout, the arrangement of the furniture widely varies depending on your needs. But, in any case, the goal is to remove all potentially harmful items from toddlers’ environments and provide as much space as possible for them to freely play.

kid-friendly living room
Living room layout – Image via Pinterest

For instance, you can use a slim table behind the sofa instead of a normal coffee table or a console one in order to keep those little hands from reaching drinks or the remote and knocking them over.

living room table
Living room layout – Image via Overstock

“The eventual goal is to keep plenty of open space for kids to play without any sharp edges on coffee tables or chairs.”

3. Living Room Decor And Accessories

3.1 Poufs and ottomans

In addition to sofas and chairs, you can accessorize the space with poufs and ottomans. These are definitely one of the most useful living room furniture as they are functional and easy to move around on a whim.

Living room decor
Living room decor – Image via Ballard Designs

As a matter of fact, poufs and ottomans can be stored in the storage room when they are no longer needed. And when it comes to special occasions that lots of people come over, you can move it back to the room so that there is sufficient seating for everyone.

3.2 Living room wall art

An astonishing piece of wall art or an impressive salon wall can instantly transform your blank living room walls. When decorating your home, do you realize that it is very common to have one or two completely tedious walls that leave you puzzled?


living room wall art
Add this wall art to cart at Hayooo

You don’t really know what to do with them, but you do know that those barren spaces are driving you crazy. As a result, one of your decorating alternatives should be a canvas or a collection of wall art. They basically set the mood of your home and reflect the personality of its owners.

living room gallery wall
A stunning gallery wall with a farmhouse vibe

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There are tons and tons of wall art themes you can take into consideration. If you are a true nature lover, let’s go for a faux window canvas as a sense of peacefulness and freedom may magically overcome your whole space as soon as you hang it on the wall.

faux window wall art
Discover this faux window canvas


3.3 Rugs

A rug is frequently mentioned as a must-have in a living room. It should be centered in the middle of the main seating arrangement and extended a few inches beyond the sofa and chairs to zone that area for certain uses.

Sometimes your room is already carpeted but it’s still in need of an stylish accent rug (smaller than an area rug) on top. This is a nice way to make the seating space comfortable, which encourages your guests to relax and stay awhile.

living room rug
Living room decor – Image via Martha Stewart

3.4 Home accents

Accent furniture is anything that stands out against the rest of the space’s decor or style. Take this as an example, if a room consists of mostly beige furniture and there is one colorful chair in red, the chair is considered a home accent.

Home accents
Living room decor – Image via Saat chiart

So they serve to draw the eye in and create a bit of excitement when you want your living room to get rid of such a boring look. As we said, they can be anything adding color, definition, and drama to an interior space.

For instance, it may be a table lamp with contrasting color to the wall paint or a vintage extraordinary-shaped sculpture placed amid a modern living room.

Let’s wrap this blog post up by answering this question: ”Do you no longer feel intimidated when it comes to choosing a living room furniture layout? If you want us to recommend more tips on arranging furniture and decorating your living room in any specific styles, just leave a comment below. We always hunger for your question! 

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