Top 15 Creative Tips To Modern Farmhouse Interior

If you do not know how to decorate a modern farmhouse interior for your house, here are great tips to add minimalism’s personality and essential character throughout your space.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor


1. What Does Modern Farmhouse Decor Mean?

Modern farmhouse decoration is rooted in rustic country charm interwoven with warm minimalism and industrial elements similar to Scandinavian interior design. Though you can feel strange hearing “modern” and “farmhouse” combinations, this combination of design styles is a great union. It strikes just the right balance of pastoralism and refinement. Modern farmhouse decor emphasizes comfort and casual living contemporary of today’s times.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
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When looking for ideas to take on your modern farmhouse decor, focus on putting a fresh spin on rustic elements to make your home unique while remaining thoroughly modern. It approaches comfort and beautiful, simple design, evoking a warm and inviting spirit, even if you are nowhere near a farm.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
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Like any other home decor style, planning is vital. Before you start a design or update project, survey your space carefully. Taking in every element and detail like the lighting, and furniture scale, and placement.

Now, let’s dive into the plan.

2. How To Start Basic Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor

2.1. Main Materials

Whereas a purely contemporary home relies on a clean palette of stainless steel, smooth surfaces, and polished stones, a modern farmhouse style must incorporate more natural finishes. Remember that raw materials and textures like leather, natural wood, metal, stone, jute, and linen are the foundation of farmhouse decor.

modern farmhouse interior
Natural wood, leather, and linen

For example, you can have a mix of industrial metals with sleek white marble countertops and a large farmhouse sink for modern farmhouse kitchen decor.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
Metal will accentuate the modernity of a farmhouse-style space.

2.2. Color palettes

Modern farmhouse style sticks to neutral color palette hues for soothing contrasts to a wild mix of the interior.

modern farmhouse paint colors
Modern farmhouse paint colors

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Bright white will highlight the decor and work as a modern farmhouse decor background to tie everything together. However, you can also use any colorful interior or wall paint to create a unique personality mark for your home.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
White and neutral combination.

2.3. Architecture Of Modern Farmhouse

2.3.1. Shiplap

The usage of painted shiplap walls is a popular trend, so don’t be scared to try it! Shiplap walls look beautiful in almost every room in the house. Shiplap is fantastic as an accent wall (for example, behind a fireplace or a TV) or in a smaller area like a powder room or guest bath.

Shiplap kitchen decor
Shiplap kitchen decor (image via Pinterest)

2.3.2. Exposed Beams

Adding a touch of rusticity and character to your living area by exposed beams is an attractive option. Exposed beams are an interesting architectural element that will give a unique touch to your room. It helps to spotlight a wide area and emphasize fancy focal pieces such as magnificent chandeliers.

exposed wood beams

2.3.3. Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the correct lighting fixtures is crucial in almost every interior design style. You can select industrial-style lights like accents in your kitchen or living area.

Modern Farmhouse Interior
Modern Farmhouse Interior

Additionally, the ideal contrast of light and dark may be found in modern farmhouses. So, hang the simple chandelier with exposed bulbs over the stairwell. A rusted iron chandelier may also entice your visitors to your lovely dining table for a bit more antique appeal.

2.3.4. Wooden Table And Chairs

Wood tables and chairs (often constructed of reclaimed wood) will complement your home’s decor’s natural and elegant style. Don’t stop there! Let’s combine a traditional farmhouse table with modern dining chairs. You might be surprised.

modern farmhouse table and chairs
Modern farmhouse table and chairs

2.4. Modern Farmhouse Decorations

The primary key to creating a modern farmhouse is a gentle combination of stark minimalism and country chic elements, have fun and be explorative because this is one of the decorative trends celebrating freedom and individuality.

Modern farmhouse decor is all about the vibrant mix of the old and the new for a laid-back feel. You can use some basic decor for your modern farmhouse below.

modern farmhouse interior
Modern farmhouse linen sofa (image via Pinterest)

Farmhouse canvas wall art is also an indispensable element in a modern farmhouse. Take a look at these modern spaces below. They are excellent for adding pictures of farms or sunflowers to the wall. Isn’t that great?

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
Floral and hummingbirds canvas for kitchen
Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
Sunflower canvas for entry place.

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farmhouse canvas for Christmas decor
Farmhouse canvas for Christmas decor

2.5. Keep Natural Theme

Because modern farmhouse design is all about bringing the outdoors in, think about using natural wood, linen, and hemp fabrications and finishes. We suggest avoiding lucite, plastic, and anything overtly unnatural as they’ll confuse the eye and be out of sync with modern farmhouse decorations.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Decor
Modern farmhouse interior decor

Do try to source as much organic and handcrafted furniture and decor as possible to keep the home on theme.

3. Tips For Modern Farmhouse Decor

3.1. Do not use glass decor too much

May we remind you glasses are too literal and common for a modern house. Instead, search for more traditional modern farmhouse materials like classic enameled, metal, iron, wood, or any natural material.

3.2. Accept Minimalist Styling

The minimalist approach to decorating distinguishes modern farmhouse decor from other approaches to farmhouse design. Skip the heaps of cushions and overstuffed bookcases in favor of a cleaner look that will allow the few things you select to showcase to shine.

3.3. No Perfect Decoration

Modern farmhouse interior styling calls for a mix of eras, a juxtaposition of contemporary minimalism, and a hint of country. Therefore, the imperfect decor will add personality and charm to even the simplest of rooms.

3.4. Avoid More Than A Barn Door

A farmhouse interior design style that we’ve seen way too much. A single sliding barn door is sufficient, but more than one is just unneeded. There’s no reason to put more than one in a modern home. Don’t go too far! Moreover, it will become an expensive trend that you’ll rapidly be bored.

3.5. Get Inspired With More Modern Farmhouse Ideas On Pinterest

It’s hard to approach the modern farm layout of your own home without any idea, so check out lots of ideas on Pinterest before you start shopping for decorations.

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If you’re feeling inspired and would like to create your modern farmhouse design, then start a project now using our tips and ideas. Don’t forget to leave your email at the VIP list box below to receive notification of more modern farmhouse decor ideas soonest. Happy Decorating! Thank you for reading.

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