Farmhouse After Christmas: 7+ Charming Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas to decorate your house after Christmas? We hope you can get inspired to make some amazing farmhouse decorating ideas during the winter through this blog.

Farmhouse After Christmas
Farmhouse After Christmas

The farmhouse is still on the trend in 2022. With its adaptability, you can freely create any design or combine different styles to make your home special and personal. Or if you want your farmhouse to have some seasonal accents, for example, farmhouse after Christmas? Renovate it!

Read this blog carefully and you’ll pin some farmhouse decor ideas for your home at this beautiful-after-Christmas-time.


Farmhouse winter decor: There is a life after Christmas

Sometimes, it’s a little depressing when you look at your bare farmhouse after Christmas when taking down all decor items, right? All the twinkling lights and red decorations are tucked away and it’s not been a long time until you feel the emptiness. Why not take advantage of this time and prepare in advance to add a bit of twist for winter? It may be cold outside, so making decorations is a great way to keep your house warm and cozy.

after Christmas decor
Farmhouse after Christmas

However, you may feel confused to figure out how to renovate indoor spaces from the family room, dining to the entrance porch, for example. In this blog, whether you prefer rustic farmhouse decor or a minimalist vibe, we hope that you can have a list of ideas to transform your home from holiday decoration to neutral and natural winter decor. Let’s come and see how!

Neutral winter farmhouse for after Christmas decor

Cold days and long nights mean that we need to create a warm, cozy, calm, and full of nature indoors more than ever. This can be achieved by using neutral tones, greenery, and comfortable textures. A lot of Christmas decoration items with white and green tones can still be relevant for winter.

neutral farmhouse

With farmhouse Christmas decor, for holiday-cheer reasons, we can get as much decorated space as possible without feeling overdone. However, for farmhouse after Christmas decoration, less is more. That’s why we should aim for a clean and simple look with neutral colors. Sparking items, bold and bright colors are enough for Christmas.

Now, it’s time to look for some relaxation and a good slow down. If you love nature, and the weather is too cold to go out, then bring some natural elements inside.

You can check our farmhouse decorating ideas blog to find some interesting items to add country accents to your home. Finally, complete the winter look for your home with the white of snow. Snow is for winter and can add the right amount of coziness despite its bright color. Here are some ideas you can create an amazing look for your farmhouse during this winter. Let’s dive into it!

7+ ideas to create a beautiful look for your farmhouse after Christmas

1. Winter farmhouse entryway decor

When it’s freezing outside, nothing is better than a warm welcome on your doorstep by hanging a winter wreath. Wreath and door hangings are the classic way to decorate farmhouses every season. It’s easy to create one for your home, using available materials and supplies. A simple wreath with pine cones, fresh greenery, a few white flowers, and snow is enough to make a versatile piece you can showcase in the front door. It’s also easy to remake it into a spring wreath when winter is over, with some typically dried flowers.

spring wreath
Farmhouse after Christmas: Spring wreath

Set the scene for guests and residents alike by staging your foyer for winter. A quick way to decor your farmhouse entryway is using evergreen garland to bring a welcoming and first wintery impression. You can put it along the entrance bench beside some small trees, a cozy throw blanket, and birch logs, which create a simple yet carefully styled winter foyer.

Farmhouse after Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas

Natural garland can be also used to decorate the staircase. You are free to create your garland but remember the rule “less is more”. The simple and elegant one will remain so even beyond the winter months.

Farmhouse after Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas: Faux garland

2. Fireplace and mantel still can be the highlight in a farmhouse after Christmas

If you have a fireplace mantel, make it become the highlight of your winter decor scheme. The mantel is a great place to include both neutral tones and textured decor elements. Turning this into a celebration space for winter in your home.

Fireplace decor
Farmhouse after Christmas: Fireplace decor

Next to the fireplace, consider putting wicker baskets, snowballs, and some scented candles. Wood vignettes in natural tones and a hint of evergreen-like pine leaves at the top of the mantel will be a good combination to enhance the wintery accent. Try hanging on some artwork above the mantel or surrounding area. Then pull the armchairs close to the fire, with a good book or movie, and coffee, of course, to enjoy the winter atmosphere in your farmhouse.

Farmhouse after Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas

3. Winter living room decor

As mentioned before, the most enjoyable winter activity is staying indoors to watch a movie or read a book with some hot water. If you are tired of sitting too long beside the fireplace, then move to lie down on your warm and comfortable sofa in the living room. Simply decorate this with a cozy chunky knit blanket and try some textured pillows, from burlap to wool and cable-knit ones. Area rugs with black accents are another way to include texture as well as add the necessary contrast to balance the neutral color palette in the winter farmhouse living room.

Farmhouse After Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas

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To amp up the wintery accent, you can use some decoration items such as a sweater vase or a tea light log in the middle of the living room table. Wrap up your flower vase by knitting fabric and light all candles to make space achieve some touch of romantic glow during this cold winter.

Farmhouse After Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas: Sweater vases

4. Farmhouse dining room decor

On these cold days, gathering around the tablescape and enjoying the meal with loved ones beside the table is a blessing. Be creative and play with different combinations to achieve what appeals to you at neutral winter tablescape! You can use birch logs, pine leaves, pinecones, curly willow branches, magnolia leaves, and other wintergreens to add a winter-worthy accent to your dining room.

after Christmas decor
After Christmas decor

Your winter farmhouse dining room decor doesn’t need to be overwhelming. But don’t forget to bring in some cute animal figures or drawings, such as a herd of cows or a couple of deer. Make it even warmer and achieve extra-cozy touch by a string of light and a wintery vintage set.

Farmhouse After Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas

Besides its main star – the impressive tablescape, we just need to amp up the wintery accent by a simple coffee table, a tiered tray, or a winter-themed box. The best winter decoration items in farmhouse interior design utilize a variety of natural elements.

Farmhouse After Christmas
Farmhouse after Christmas

For example, you can use some weathered wood and your favorite skiing shoes to create a rustic tray on the coffee table. Add some small pine cones, a few clippings of greenery, and a few sprigs of winter snow flowers. Though simple in the making, the finished product is unique and impressive. Try different ideas and see which one works best in your space.

5. After Christmas decor: Winter bedroom

To make the bedroom a little more cheery before waiting for the spring to come, you can spruce it up with some winter decor. The most essential element for winter design is the blanket. We can never have too many blankets during winter. Muted winter tones of blues, grays, whites and all the subtle patterns are all suitable for bedrooms during cold winter. Use the same neutral tone pillows with wool or burlap cover texture to add more country charm.

farmhouse bedroom
Farmhouse bedroom decor

Consider filling your blank wall with wall decor from our Hayooo shop to add more romantic accents to your bedroom. No matter if your room has been designed as an antique farmhouse style, or modern home, you will find some unique affordable wall art in this relaxing space. Prepare for farmhouse valentine decor from the bedroom, especially when 02/14 is coming to town so fast.

farmhouse wall art after Christmas decor
After Christmas decor: Farmhouse art for couples

6. Greenery and natural accent

There may not be too many colorful flowers blooming during winter, but green leaves and some brown color from natural wood or pine cones are enough to add greenery and a natural accent to your farmhouse. Besides the wintery wreath on the front door, a simple garland at the stairway, and some pine cones on the metal, you can catch up with many interesting ideas to feel a bit more alive indoors.

Farmhouse decor ideas
Farmhouse decor ideas

Small evergreen trees at the corner of the living room, or bedroom and a few white ornament items are a good combination. Another great way is to utilize evergreen stems in galvanized buckets. Arrange some winter berries with green branches and we have a simple but impressive item to add a wintery touch to a country hutch. For the dining room, have your silverware and dishware at the ready by displaying them in stacked, rustic crates with some white twig and green leaves for an elegant touch.

7. Add easy winter details

For a classic winter decoration, all you need is to take a group of snowflake ornaments, candles, and plaid patterns. The most special thing is that you can easily try on some DIY projects to make these wintery decoration items. The result is simple, inexpensive, and beautiful.

Birch candles or bay leaf-wrapped ones are perfect for the farmhouse dining room decor, above the mantel, or tucked in a fireplace instead of a fire. In many ways around your home, you can use DIY snowballs. Fill them with baskets, add some to your mantelpiece, put around the planter, or add them to your farmhouse kitchen decor and many more places.

Then quickly dress up for your living room with a snowflake chandelier to create a sparkling version of lighting. Besides, you might have used buffalo check for farmhouse Christmas decor, but you can still use it because it’s perfect for winter. Some small plaid pattern rugs or a couple of wreaths on checked ribbon bring us the feeling of country charm in your home.

farmhouse after Christmas
Add easy winter details

Once Christmas decorations are taken down, may you feel difficult to come up with ideas to renovate your home during winter. We hope that you guys enjoy all of these winter inspirations to bring to your farmhouse into the rest of the winter season. This applies to spaces with neutral tones to create a cozy vibe. Winter, after all, is a time most of us spend indoors, with our loved family. So, spend time making your home as warm and comfortable as possible.

Happy farmhouse after Christmas decoration!

Farmhouse style for winter home decor

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